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For over 25 years, unTill has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge POS solutions, earning a reputation as a trusted software company. We want every entrepreneur to have access to powerful POS software, which is why we offer two different packages: unTill Air and unTill Prime.

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unTill Prime

unTill Prime

unTill Prime, a top-tier hospitality POS system that adapts to your preferences. Enjoy the use of kitchen and bar screens and seamlessly integrate your favourite software. Grow your success with unTill Prime.
  • Customisable to your needs and preferences
  • Perfect for the hospitality sector
  • Excellent for multiple locations
  • Custom price
unTill Air

unTill Air

unTill Air is designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. Every entrepreneur should have access to a POS system that is professional and easy to use without the need for extensive instructions. A POS system that allows you to get started immediately— that's our guarantee.
  • Add multiple devices
  • Starting at just 39,- per month
  • No installation costs
unTill Payments

unTill Payments

Welcome to unTill Payments, where convenience and efficiency come together to make your business even more successful. The combination of unTill Air with the Adyen platform is designed to enhance the payment process for entrepreneurs.
unTill WebManagement

unTill WebManagement

Would you like to keep tabs on your hospitality business even when you are not physically present? Or do you manage multiple locations and struggle to be everywhere at once? Enter unTill WebManagement – the online tool and app designed just for you.


Benefit from the powerful unTill solutions

  • Dedicated service by our resellers
  • Employees operational within fifteen minutes
  • More than 100 integrations possible
  • Insights in your business through clear reports
  • Easily adjust dishes, prices, table lay-out, and more



An unforgettable customer experience is what you want to achieve in your restaurant. But that’s easier said than done. Creating the menu, table plan, hiring skilled staff, planning, and purchase are just a few things you have to manage.

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A flawless guest experience is what you strive for in your hotel. And there is a lot involved, because at a hotel you have many different business sections.

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Quick service

Wherever an order or visit comes from, with  unTill® you deal with it quick and problem free. From the menu to planning and from purchase to reporting.

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Whether you own a pub, a cocktail bar, a cafe or a tavern when you use an unTill® point of sale system you work much more efficiently and you save time.

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An unforgettable customer experience is what you want to achieve with your leisure activities. But that’s easier said than done.

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At unTill, we strive to give you full control over your events and provide your visitors with an enjoyable experience. We understand the importance of avoiding long queues, especially during busy concerts and festivals.

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10 min November ‘23

Create peace between kitchen and service


1 min November ‘23

The Dorrup takes inventory management to the next level with Apicbase.


3 min October ‘23

Prepare well to make the most out of the terrace season in 2024.

unTill Corporate

Loetje X unTill: a reliable partnership for 9 years

What began in 1977 as Café Loetje, a billiards café in Amsterdam, has evolved into 36 successful restaurants across the Netherlands. Apart from the renowned steak in gravy, Loetje attributes its success to the recognisable and familiar ambiance that guests consistently experience during their visits. This is also the case in the city of Breda, where the 20th Loetje location is established.

Loetje, Restaurant Company Europe

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