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Create the ultimate guest experience

Discover the POS system you have envisioned - intuitive, tailored to your needs and preferences. Look no further than our high-end unTill Prime POS system. Quick, easy and reliable.

For ambitious entrepreneurs

unTill Prime has an intuitive operation feature and endless possibilities. Moreover, unTill offers the fastest way to pass on your orders. Fire the next course at the touch of a button. Customised to suit your business, from menu, features to floor plan.

Offer your customers different options and improve the guest experience. Conveniently our POS can be programmed to remind your co-worker to ask certain questions while an order is placed. You can add one or more mandatory options to an article e.g., rare/well done, side dish, which sauce, and so on.

Useful features

  • Combine multiple tables to one large table by using the merge button
  • Split tables up to six table parts and create separate bills
  • Set different prices for a certain period, sales area or guest
  • Create combi deals and let unTill split the VAT between underlying articles
  • Pay with any payment method, even vouchers


What could be better than a portable POS that sends everything straight to the bar and kitchen? We introduce: handheld devices. Serve your guests faster and deploy your staff efficiently. Stay in control and choose the hardware you want. 

Benefit: your staff can spend more time with your guests, this will help keep them both at ease. 

The handheld has:

  • The exact same lay-out
  • Display of the table plan

Want even more efficiency? Combi terminals are the perfect solution. Take orders and checkout using the same handheld device!

Customer management

Improve your hospitality with unTill. We get it - you are all about giving your guests the best experience. That is why we also focus on customer management. Imagine guests paying with their loyalty cards, perfect for sports clubs or a bar. Let them use their loyalty points or customer accounts for that personal touch and the convenience of bills on account. Because great hospitality goes the extra mile!

unTill Payments

unTill Payments, where convenience and efficiency come together to improve your business. The collaboration between unTill and the Adyen platform is designed to improve the payment process for business owners. Easy transactions and guaranteed payouts - that is what unTill Payments delivers.

  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Advanced security measures to protect your transactions
  • View financial data on the dashboard

Kitchen and bar screens

Improve communication between service and kitchen staff. Serve dishes at the same time and on schedule. Make it visual how much time you spend on a dish. Does the chef take too long? Then it will be noticed by the red dot and the minus time. By creating a peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen, chefs can do their jobs better, the guest gets a better experience, and you save on costs. In a modern kitchen with kitchen screens, rush orders appear immediately in the fast lane, allowing the chef to prioritise better


  • A streamlined process
  • Better communication between service and kitchen staff
  • Sustainable paperless working
  • All dishes served on time and at the right temperature
  • And more..

In addition, serve your drinks quickly by using bar screens. Handhelds transmit the order to the screen, allowing your guests to have their drinks on the table in no time. 


Did the discount on the deluxe burger boost sales? Which dishes are currently popular? Why did I sell more in the lounge area than on the rooftop bar? Get answers to these questions and more with WebManagement. 

View your turnover, extensive reports or make alterations in the back office. The WebManagement online app makes it all possible. Convenient for larger companies with multiple locations, because you can view results from every location on one device. Even when you are not physically in the business, the extensive reporting possibilities allow you to still know exactly how things are going. As WebManagement is connected one-to-one with your POS system, all financial and stock data are also in this online app. 

  • Make adjustments to your POS system remotely
  • Comprehensive overviews and reports, even on holiday
  • Share results with (hotel)managers

QR ordering

Do you use QR codes in your restaurant? Many use QR codes as an additional service for guests who wish to take advantage of it. The interaction between staff and guests stays paramount, but it serves as a convenient tool during peak times. Software for QR code ordering can be easily integrated with unTill. That is why we work together with multiple parties.


Easily link your hotel PMS with your POS system or your accounting or reservations module. It's all possible with unTill Prime. Unlike any other party, we offer more than 100 integration options. So you can benefit from optimal efficiency. 

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