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Experience unTill WebManagement - Elevate your business control

Would you like to keep tabs on your hospitality business even when you are not physically present? Or do you manage multiple locations and struggle to be everywhere at once? Enter unTill WebManagement – the online tool and app designed just for you. The comprehensive reporting features ensure you stay informed about the performance of your business.

POS system management - anytime, anywhere

Implement discount promotions, tweak prices, or remove a product from the menu – all with a few clicks on your phone, iPad or other device. This online tool provides the flexibility to oversee and analyse your POS system on your terms, making it a game-changer for those with multiple locations or just for business owners seeking real-time insights.

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Online item management

WebManagement is not just about reports; it is your remote control for item management. Forget to adjust a price or activate a daily special? Handle it seamlessly from anywhere. Changes reflect immediately on the POS, simplifying adjustments across multiple locations.

Comprehensive data overview

WebManagement's extensive reports allow you to extract the specific information you need to run your business effectively.

  • Revenue figures
  • Inventory management
  • Daily sales
  • Track item and dish popularity

Automatic backup for security

Worried about losing important data? You are not the only one. WebManagement is not just for the big players - even businesses with a single POS benefit. Enjoy a one-to-one connection to your POS, ensuring that financial and inventory data is stored securely. WebManagement serves as an online backup and complies with the legal seven-year retention obligation. Keeps everything safe.

Some highlight features

  • Create custom reports from one or multiple locations
  • Compare locations for strategic decision-making
  • Assess the success of special offers or employee performance
  • Analyse data across different time frames - days, weeks, months, years, and more
  • Implement adjustments live or schedule special menus for holidays.

Visualise success

Transform data into actionable insights with WebManagement's intuitive dashboard. Share key metrics with management teams per location, granting access to relevant data. Send automated reports via email based on templates, ensuring everyone stays in the loop without missing a beat.

Your journey starts here

WebManagement acts as an online extension to your POS, perfect for times when you cannot be on-site or when you want to merge the results of your various hospitality establishments into a single overview. The possibilities are endless, making this online tool and app a valuable addition to your unTill POS system.

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