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5 reasons to embrace hospitality automation

A positive guest experience is the key to success in the hospitality industry. But as an entrepreneur, how can you best respond to the ever-changing needs of your guests? Hospitality automation offers the answer! This concept has made a significant impact on the hospitality sector. In this article we give 5 reasons why it can also benefit your business.

The innovation of hospitality automation

That there is continuous innovation in hospitality automation is due to the increasing demand for efficiency, accuracy and improved guest experiences. In addition, many entrepreneurs find it difficult to find (good) staff. This makes automating processes more attractive. Automation can make a big difference, even for small businesses.

1. Convenience and efficiency

With the implementation of hospitality automation, you can simplify your operational processes, thereby saving both you and your staff valuable time. You can optimise the ordering and checkout process with an intelligent POS system. This includes quickly taking and passing on orders, as well as handling payments. All of which will leave your guests impressed by the fast service! Moreover, a POS system allows you to pass orders directly to the kitchen or bar using handheld devices. So your guests will receive their beverages or dishes even faster. And did you know that you can also integrate supporting software to your POS system? For instance, with a Jamezz integration, guests can efficiently place orders and make payments using a QR code. While this may seem less personal, it can be really helpful during peak hours.

2. Beneficial for guests and employees

A positive guest experience is key in the hospitality industry, but it is essential to remember that pleased employees are the foundation of your business. With an easy-to-use POS system, employees can work independently without the need to ask questions. This gives your team more time to interact with guests. To further enhance your team’s efficiency, consider implementing kitchen screens. These screens display orders and timers, so the chef knows exactly when each dish should be ready. Without relying on paper receipts. Your guests get their dishes at the same time and there is more peace and quiet in the kitchen. This is very pleasant for chefs, as they often have to deal with questions from the kitchen staff and waiters.

3. Saving costs

Cost reduction stands out as a primary advantage of hospitality automation. Especially when it comes to reducing personnel costs, because in the hospitality industry, staff costs are often a fairly large part of total expenses. Through automation you can effectively control and reduce these costs, which is an advantage during busy periods that necessitate additional staffing. In addition, guests increasingly use self-service kiosks or mobile apps to place orders and make payments. This also reduces the need for additional staff.

4. Manage your business with ease

Managing inventory and administration can be time-consuming, but with hospitality automation keeping track of your business data is very easy. Especially if you have multiple branches. Real-time insights and comprehensive reports give you an up-to-date overview of your turnover and popular dishes. So you can make informed decisions and save time to focus on what really matters – your guests and your team!

5. Adaptable and future-proof

With unTill you have the freedom to grow and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. By investing in hospitality automation, you lay the foundation for a future-ready business. After all, more and more guests expect a digital experience in restaurants. This means they value speed, the ability to order, pay, and leave feedback online. With a future-proof POS system, you are able to meet these expectations. The POS can be easily updated, so you are never behind the times. This ensures that your restaurant is always up-to-date and benefits from new features to increase efficiency and improve the guest experience.

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