unTill fully certified according to French fiscal legislation


We are very proud that unTill passed the certification process that was executed by the specialists of LNE. This confirms that our software meets the requirements of the French fiscal legislation.

Article 286 I paragraph 3o bis of the French General Tax Code states the requirements that need to be met. Any person subject to VAT who provides goods and services, must register this with software or a cash register system. These means of registration must comply with the conditions of inalterability, security, and preservation and archiving of data for tax control. The aforementioned LNE is a verified organisation and may, therefore, grant the certificate.

After an extensive period of rigorous testing, development, and audits, LNE issued certificate 37998 to unTill on 2 December 2021. Along with all our other certificates, this attests that people can trust unTill’s reliablity and expertise. Anywhere in the world.