Give your guests an extra service by ordering food and drinks with the WOBY app now! No account is required!

How it works:
1. Download the free WOBY app.
2. Scan the QR-code with the WOBY app.
3. View the digital menu and order directly.

Advantage for your business:

The service for the guest is central in your hotel, restaurant, bar and or terrace. But do you serve them in all kind of ways? WOBY serves the guest who needs freedom, flexibility and loves the smartphone. Your business multichannel!

1. Innovative and trendy.
2. Increased personal contact with your guest.
3. Attracts new guests.
4. Digital menu with your own logo and style.
5. Multilingual digital menu for foreign guests.
6. In one day ready to use.

All-in-all adding to your top line turnover !

Advantage for the WOBY user:
1. Freedom to be served
2. Interactive.
3. Order every moment you like.
4. Helpful service requests.
5. Simple menu in your own language
6. No account required.