LOYALBEE is a loyalty platform for Apple and Android mobile Wallet. Our technology helps businesses to give out personalised digital loyalty cards by converting them into Wallet cards via Apple Wallet and Android Wallet. Using the mobile Wallet also means an eco-friendly solution that uses less paper and plastic. This way you make you customers’ lives easier and offer a new marketing channel.

With the LOYALBEE integration in unTill, you choose the ultimate customer experience because it works with unTill’s own save points module. The customer logs in via the personalised page and directly downloads his savings or stamp card in the Apple or Android Wallet on the smartphone. On saving or redeeming points, the customer has the card on his smartphone scanned and the points or stamps are directly credited/debited via the POS system.

Directly on the smartphone

Your customer always has the digital stamp or savings card on hand
Saving via the pin terminal
By linking to Adyen pin terminals, the customer can automatically (digitally) save points when a payment is made
Message marketing
Direct contact when the customer is near your business
No unnecessary use of paper or plastic
No app
No need to download an extra app. By default the Wallet is on the Apple smartphone
Collect customer data
Know who your customers are; how often they save and visit