More gift vouchers, less hassle.

Gift vouchers increase your customer base and sales, simple. Gifty’s gift voucher solution makes it easy for you and integrates seamlessly with unTill and your administration.

With Gifty, you sell your digital and physical gift vouchers – completely in your own branding style – easily in your shop and fully automatically via your website with the handy order module. Gifty prints and sends your gift voucher directly to your customer. Directly by e-mail or printed on the doormat within 2 working days.

Gifty and unTill, a good match

With a POS system from unTill, you can easily issue and redeem gift vouchers. Transactions are visible in real-time in your Gifty dashboard and are processed in your administration. The unTill POS integration with Gifty for gift vouchers is also suitable for companies with multiple locations and franchises.

Gift voucher ordering module

Want to sell your gift vouchers 24/7 via your website and social media platforms? With the plug & play order module, it can be done in no time, exactly in your brand style. Orders, payments and shipping; Gifty will take care of it. Also convenient: Gifty always pays you for gift vouchers sold. Even if they have not yet been spent.

Useful features

Gifty is packed with useful features. It automatically replenishes the gift cards in your shop, allows you to create digital gift cards, customise your design, run analyses and much more.

Contact with Gifty

Want to know more about Gifty’s gift card options or looking for a customised solution? You can reach Gifty by phone, email, chat or WhatsApp via