Thanks to unTill’s link with Apicbase, you get a clear insight into stock, food costs, production, menus and orders. Apicbase gives you control of all the kitchen processes and helps you keep the CoGS under control.
Apicbase is the leading platform for back-of-house management in the foodservice industry.
It is a cloud solution for all your kitchen data, from recipe to order, including multi-site management.
Apicbase consists of 8 modules:
  • Product development
  • Procurement
  • Stock management
  • Sales analytics
  • Task & HACCP planning
  • Production planning
  • Menu planning
  • Accounting
Apicbase’s robust APIs ensure smooth data transfers with the other solutions in your tech ecosystem.
The price varies according to the number of selected modules & the number of sites. The more sites, the lower the price per connected unit.