Web management

View your turnover, extensive reports or make alterations via a secure internet connection to your server? The “Webmanagement”module makes this possible. It’s a separate module you can integrate with every unTill® POS.

This module is particularly convenient for larger companies, with multiple branches. But can also be used by a business wit only one POS. The data from all locations are collected in a central database. This happens real-time, so your information is always up-to-date.

This way you can easily compare data from several locations and/or periods. You can not only view your turnover, but also information about:

  • Time registration
  • Stock supply
  • Occupancy rate
  • Corrections
  • Discounts
  • Historic data

With “Webmanagement” you also have the option of article control, ideal for when you have multiple locations. Prices are adjusted simultaneously at all locations. Or you can plan such an alteration for a different time. Also convenient to add the Christmas menu on Christmas day on all locations! And you can change departments, groups, VAT percentages, colours and fonts for example.

To quickly have insight in your turnover data,  from the various locations connected to “Webmanagement”, you can also use the  web management app.

  • Web application on own server or “in the cloud”
  • All POS systems controllable from multiple locations
  • Extensive reporting
  • Compare data to other locations and/or periods
  • Article management from multiple locations
  • Scheduled alterations