unTill® Backoffice

Add an article, or other adjustments, to the POS from your office space? The built-in back-office provides you with that ability and all other settings on your Point Of Sale. You quickly switch from the POS to the back-office. The latter you shield with a password, so only authorised staff can perform these tasks.

Altering an article or department is easy and fast. All changes are immediately applied to all POS systems in the network. Want to adjust screens or floor plans? Alter the lay-out for reports or other receipts? You can also do this simply from the back-office.

Read here which report options you have from the POS and the back-office.

  • Built-in back-office
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Quickly change articles
  • Editor for floor plans, screens and reports
  • Back-office reporting