Uncomplicated table plan


ia a user friendly editor, in the back-office a table plan can be made to meet your precise wishes. An exact copy of your business. Through graphic elements like plants, room dividers, sofas, chairs, etc. your staff knows exactly where the tables are set. So there are fewer mistakes.

The colour of the table conveys its status. Is it occupied, have drinks been ordered, are they waiting for the next course, was it a while ago since an order was placed or did they ask for the bill? You keep the overview!

Additional information, like the guest’s name, can easily be shown on the table.

On the home screen you’ll also see information like waiter, time, network status and you can quickly navigate to other functions like the manager, customer or control screen.

  • Uncomplicated because use of graphic elements and colours
  • Easy navigating multiple zones
  • Table grouping adjustable in the POS
  • Additional information, like name, time for next course, waiter, etc. displayable on table