Size Modifiers

“Would you like a large, medium, or small cola?”

Creating different sizes for an article is child’s play thanks to the unTill® Size Modifiers. Wherever the product is used, the size has to be chosen.

For articles you want to set different sizes e.g. large, medium, small. You don’t have to create the same item, with a different size name and price, three times, but you simply add a size modifier. Per size name you can set a separate price, all in the same overview.

Now when you order the article, the size choice automatically pops up. You select the correct one and the size plus article name and corresponding price show in the order overview. Large cola €3,25 for example. All other places where the product is displayed such as: order ticket, kitchen screen, reports, etc. it is shown with the size modifier name.

Anywhere you can choose the item, you have to select the size. And for each situation you can set a different price. This way you can add a small cola in a menu for free, whereas the large cola in the same menu costs €2,00. unTill® automatically keeps track and uses the correct prices for the corresponding situation.

  • Size modifiers for an article
  • Not for every size a new article
  • Size modifiers can be created in Back Office
  • Price set per size
  • Size Modifiers applied everywhere the article can be chosen: option, bonus group, etc.
  • Modifiers also in reports, kitchen screen, order ticket, etc.