Rent out

“I’d like to rent a bicycle. Is that possible?”

Do you rent out bicycles or other rental products? With the rental module you can keep track of the let items in your POS. You do this by marking the bikes, or other products, with a barcode.

Guests can make a reservation to rent an item beforehand. When they enter the desired time, availability is immediately checked/confirmed. With the option ‘rental groups’ you can offer an alternative article from the same group, should it be necessary.

When your customer comes to pick-up the article, you scan it and link it to the order. Price is calculated depending on the pre-set rental period. At return of the rented article, it’s automatically checked whether it’s handed back on time. If not, additional costs will be charged. You can also keep track of repairs, this way it’s always clear when an article is temporarily unavailable.

You can also print lists of rented and reserved products, as well as a list of repairs.

  • Rental module, e.g. bicycle rental
  • Sort articles in rental groups
  • Set rental price per hour or per day
  • Scan rental articles by barcode