Printer management

When you use multiple printers, it comes in handy that a POS gives an indication when one or more printers is malfunctioning. Often because it is out of paper. When this happens a production receipt can’t be printed, in the kitchen for example. A notification is show on your screen. When the problem is solved you can choose to print again, or you can select another printer if necessary. This way you can always print the receipts and continue your work.

Is a printer temporarily not used, or there’s no need for a receipt? You can shut it down for the time being. Printers are diverted automatically when you use table areas. The printer on the terrace, for instance, only comes into use when the zone ‘terrace’ is activated.

  • Printer diversion in case of malfunction or when it’s out of paper
  • Temporary shut down of printers
  • Switching of printers using table areas