Mandatory options

“Would you like your steak rare, medium or well-done?”

You want to offer your customers different options. Conveniently our POS can be programmed to remind your co-worker to ask the guest certain questions while an order is placed. You can add one or more mandatory options to an article e.g., rare/well done, side dish, which sauce, and so on. This option can also be applied for beverages, should whipped cream be added for instance. Or do you want to make it a mixed drink?

An unTill® Point Of Sale is very flexible in its design, it provides you with loads of possibilities. You can set check boxes per sales area, for example: in the chip shop you can have the standard question for extra ketchup, but not set this for the restaurant. Every option can be corrected. If a steak has to be well-done instead of medium for instance.

You can also set standard options. A medium steak is standard, but the option for rare and well-done can be selected. Besides this there are many options to set free choices, this feature is optional.

  • Mandatory choices possible per article
  • Set a standard choice
  • Choice dependent on sales area
  • Choice correction