Hour registration

Do you want to register the presence of your employees in the POS? An unTill® Point Of Sale also functions as a time-clock. Co-workers can sign in using:

  • a code
  • a bracelet
  • a fingerprint
  • a card
  • or some sort of key

The shift starts automatically and the co-worker receives a receipt. At the end of the shift the co-worker signs off and the work hours are calculated. Taking into account any breaks or extra smoking breaks. You can also register whether an employee has had a meal.

A member of staff forgot to sign in/off? A manager can correct this afterwards. The integration of planning and salary software is also one of the options. This way the co-worker’s services correspond with the schedules and salary. Because the work hour data is in the same system as the turnover data, it’s easy to view a report of the turnover per worked time.

  • Clocking in and out for all employees
  • Keep track of break(s)
  • Registration of consumed meal(s)
  • Possibility to integrate salary software
  • Productivity reports per employee