Free Choice

“Could I get extra sauce for my dish?”

You want to meet your guests’ wishes? Then it’s nice that your POS helps you do this. Besides the  mandatory option unTill® offers you the possibility to add extra options. This can be done in several ways.

  • Condiment
    • Set by department. E.g.:
      • Hot beverages: with sugar, without milk, etc.
      • Cold beverages:  extra ice, with lemon, without a straw,  etc.
    • Free additions
    • Special words like: with, much, without, little can be automatically added
  •  Supplement
    • Set by department E.g.:
      • Pizza: extra salami, extra cheese, etc.  (additional cost)
      • Beers: with grenadine syrup
    • Extras. Additional price automatically added
  • Free options
    • Set per article
    • When these articles are ordered these options are automatically shown
    • Additional price possible
    • For example: for snacks the list of additional sauces is shown
  • Upsellers
    • Stimulates the additional sale
    • Set per article
    • Extra products can be ordered and are separately shown on the receipt
    • E.g.: For tea, a list of pastries is shown, for beer a list of appetizers
  • Condiment
  • Supplement
  • Upsell
  • Free Options