“This coffee is on the house!”

Discount, maybe you rather wouldn’t give it. But when you do, in what way? With an unTill® POS many ways of discount are possible. This option is only available for co-workers with sufficient operating rights.

  • Discount on one article
  • Discount on a selection of articles
  • Discount on a pre-set group of articles
  • Discount on the total bill

For each way of discount the user has to give a reason. You can select a reason from a pre-defined list or enter manually. Much used ways of discount you can program under a button. So you don’t have to push all sorts of buttons before you can give someone a coffee on the house for example.

  • Fixed amount or percentage
  • Per article or entire bill
  • Discount for article group
  • Unlimited number of reasons for discount to be given
  • Broken, representation or other