Direct sale

“I want to pay immediately. “

Easily and quickly switching from sale to table to direct sale and vice versa? No problem for an unTill® Point Of Sale system. It goes without saying that your POS doesn’t automatically enter a sale to table, when you primarily use direct sale in your business. You, conveniently, only want to register the order in the POS, and have your guest pay for it on the spot. But you can also use both ways simultaneously.

Setting a direct sales number per waiter is also an option. This way the POS can be used by waiter 1, while waiter 2 was already using this terminal. When waiter 1 is finished, waiter 2 can pick up where they left off. Waiter 2 can also continue working the order on a different terminal in the network. This saves time because servers don’t have to wait for each other.

  • Direct sale
  • easy switching to direct sale from sale to table
  • Ideal for a pub, club or parties