“I didn’t order this coffee…”

One article too many or incorrectly put in POS, a guest who wants to change his order, mistakes always occur. But as entrepreneur you don’t want to give your staff full freedom to refund items.

An unTill® Point Of Sale system has the tools to limit and monitor this. Per server you can set whether he/she has the right to correct articles. If a waiter has these rights you can even set the number of times he/she can do this each day. For every cancellation a reason has to be given: from a pre-set list or entered manually.

When a co-worker doesn’t have these rights you can program the system that only a manager can authorise this action. The actions are reported to the name of the co-worker. The user selects the article in “the ordered articles” list, presses the bin symbol and selects a reason. At the end of a day you have a precise overview who, when and why cancelled which articles.

  • Server can or can’t correct
  • Set a limit of corrections per day
  • Cancellation reason
  • Extensive report option