Combination/Promotion Articles

“Do you want me to create a menu of your entree, main course and dessert? “

With unTill® you can create so-called combo-articles. This gives you flexibility to handle menus, promotions and combined articles.

An additional advantage is that you can split the VAT of the underlying items. For example, you make a combination of cola and rum and call this “Baco”. The guest sees this on his bill, while in your accounting the rum and the cola are booked separately.

Automatic menu suggestions are given by the cash register. If a starter and main course have already been taken from the menu, the system asks if a menu should be made after the dessert has been ordered. The price of a combo article is calculated by the total of the underlying articles.

  • Combination of articles and/or option group(s)
  • Automatically calculates the price
  • VAT split between underlying articles
  • Combine suggestions after input in POS