“Does anyone have any allergies?”

In unTill® you can work with allergens in several ways. This way you’re in control. Fourteen major allergens, with corresponding icons, are pre-installed.

You can link allergens to an article in the Back Office. This way it’s easy to tell which allergens are present for the article, while the order is taken. You can select these when they apply for the guest. However, articles that aren’t linked can still be selected and added, if you want.

It’s not required to add allergens to an article beforehand. The waiter can simply open the allergen layer and add one or more to an article. What’s even better, allergens can also be linked to a specific chair. Now all articles ordered for that chair have the allergen label. Making sure that fewer mistakes are made

When you want to add an allergen that’s not yet in the system, you can do so while ordering. unTill® automatically saves them and adds them to the list, so you don’t have to add the same allergen multiple times.

The allergens can be shown on the order ticket, kitchen screen, etc. Whether you want pictures, or the item in a different colour; the way allergens are displayed, is adjustable to meet your preferences.

  • Fourteen major allergens pre-installed
  • Clear which allergens an article contains
  • Allergens are easily linked to an article
  • Set allergens per chair
  • Easy to add new allergens