“Service charges have to be added separately to the bill because of local laws.”

Adding serving charges separately or include them automatically as a percentage of the total bill? unTill® POS systems provide this option.

You can set different percentages per sales area. For instance on the terrace other rates are used than in the restaurant. You can also specify a percentage per article or a group of articles.

  • Automatically calculates service charge
  • Set per sales area
  • Service charge plan: only apply service charge to certain articles or groups

“Could you e-mail me the bill?”

In this day and age no-one wants loose papers and receipts. What’s easier than sending the bill digitally, via e-mail? This way the (business) guest can easily add his bill to his book-keeping, without printing or the risk of losing the receipt.

  • E-mail bill to customer
  • Keep e-mail addresses in a database

A Point Of Sale system which is linked to a payment terminal is convenient and reduces errors. unTill® POS systems can integrate a diversity of payment terminals or other means of payment via a direct serial connection and/or a link via internet.               On the integrations list an overview of third parties with whom this is possible is shown.

When the guest is paying the bill they can choose for cash, Visa or other card payment. The POS sends the amount to the payment terminal, so there can be no mistakes while copying the numbers manually. When payment is successful the POS registers this and closes the account. Even refunds are an option nowadays.

“Can I pay part of the bill now?”

When guests want to pay a part of the bill this can be easily done. You enter the amount of the partial payment and choose the method of paying. A receipt is printed for the guest and that part of the bill is paid.

The reports show the correct turnover data. Only the paid articles register as such. The guest can keep ordering new items to this account. And even partially pay the bill again. This can be repeated until the whole account is paid for and closed.

This feature comes in handy when a person from a group goes home early and wants to pay his/her share. This way the account stays open and the remaining people can keep ordering and pay at their convenience.

  • Payment of part of the bill
  • Partial payment with multiple means of payment
  • Useful for large groups

“Only one check per table”

You don’t have to put this on your menu when you use an unTill point of sale system!

Splitting a bill is child’s play and the possibilities are limitless. When guests only want to pay their own, you can give each guest their personal itemised bill. Every bill can then be paid with separate means of payment. Also split payments into an account, to a hotel room or a different payment system are possible.

A party wants to divide the bill by the number of persons? With a simple press of the button a separate check is made stating the share to pay of the total amount. Dividing by 2, 3, 4 is possible but if need be even by 25.

If guests should want to pay for their own share, but still want to divide the cost of that one bottle of wine? Even that is possible! Splitting an item can easily be done from the payment screen.

  • Splitting the bill per item
  • Divide the total by 2, 3, 4, ….
  • Split an item

“I have a voucher. Can I use a debitcard to pay for the remainder of the check?”

Paying the bill is very easy with an unTill® point of sale system. With the push of a button you can choose which means of payment will be used:

  • cash
  • switch card
  • voucher

Linking to a EFT-terminal, hotel packages and other methods of payment are also possible. Guests are free to combine these things. For example they wish to redeem a gift card and use their debitcard to pay for the remainder of the sum. Or combine debitcard payments. You declare this in your POS system so you always have an accurate report.

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Combining cash, debitcard or voucher
  • Clarity for guest and in your reporting