Do you want to combine multiple tables to one large table? No problem. By using the merge button you can link an unlimited number of tables to each other, so that these form one table.

  • All tables turn to the same colour when the next course gets asked for service.
  • All tables turn to the same colour at a status change.

It’s also fast and simple to merge tables by dragging the icons across the screen.

  • Combining tables for large groups
  • Visually clear
  • Combining by dragging tables

“Nice bumping in to you, let us join you at your table.”

Very recognisable. Guests joining a party who already have an open account. When you have an unTill® POS this is not a problem. You can easily create a second part on this table.

You do this by using the ‘split’ function, at which you open a B-part. This way you can keep up with the consumptions of both parties, while they are sitting at the same table. For every table you can open a B-part,  and when necessary even expand with a C, D, E or F-part. A solution like this is ideal for a reading table, for regular customers joining each other and in the lounge.

  • Split up to six table parts
  • Easily create extra table parts
  • Separate checks

unTill’s ordering screen is intuitive and has a modern layout. All items are orderly grouped in departments and with colours. Your co-workers can easily find the items. Adjusting the order of the items, changing the price; it is made easy with this POS, so you can quickly go about your usual business.

Because of the clear layout of the screen you can quickly find everything and you know whe

re to expect certain options. When ordering an item it’s of course possible to ask for mandatory choices (rare, medium, well done), free choices (with sauce, less salt, etcetera) and menu choice.

  • Modern layout
  • Items well organised in departments
  • Colours adjustable to choice
  • Items easily modified in the POS

“Only one check per table”

You don’t have to put this on your menu when you use an unTill point of sale system!

Splitting a bill is child’s play and the possibilities are limitless. When guests only want to pay their own, you can give each guest their personal itemised bill. Every bill can then be paid with separate means of payment. Also split payments into an account, to a hotel room or a different payment system are possible.

A party wants to divide the bill by the number of persons? With a simple press of the button a separate check is made stating the share to pay of the total amount. Dividing by 2, 3, 4 is possible but if need be even by 25.

If guests should want to pay for their own share, but still want to divide the cost of that one bottle of wine? Even that is possible! Splitting an item can easily be done from the payment screen.

  • Splitting the bill per item
  • Divide the total by 2, 3, 4, ….
  • Split an item

“I have a voucher. Can I use a debitcard to pay for the remainder of the check?”

Paying the bill is very easy with an unTill® point of sale system. With the push of a button you can choose which means of payment will be used:

  • cash
  • switch card
  • voucher

Linking to a EFT-terminal, hotel packages and other methods of payment are also possible. Guests are free to combine these things. For example they wish to redeem a gift card and use their debitcard to pay for the remainder of the sum. Or combine debitcard payments. You declare this in your POS system so you always have an accurate report.

  • Multiple payment methods
  • Combining cash, debitcard or voucher
  • Clarity for guest and in your reporting

“We’ll go inside later on.”

Guests start out with a drink in the lounge and then continue in the restaurant for their dinner. Or they’re outside on the terrace and suddenly the weather takes a turn for the worse! With an unTill® POS you can easily transfer the orders from one table to the other. Your guests will only get one bill at the end of their stay!

Are multiple people sitting on a table but some of them move to another one? You can just as easily move their items to a different table and leave the remaining articles at the original one.

  • Transfer articles
  • Transfer complete orders
  • Transfer table zones

Using a user friendly editor, in the back-office a table plan can be made to meet your precise wishes. An exact copy of your business. By means of graphic elements like plants, room dividers, sofas, chairs etcetera your staff knows exactly where are the tables are set. So there are fewer mistakes.

The colour of the table conveys its status. Is it occupied, have drinks been ordered, are they waiting for the next course, was it a while ago since an order was placed or did they ask for the bill? You keep the overview!

Additional information, like the guest’s name, can easily be shown on the table.

On the home screen you’ll also see information like waiter, time, network status and you can quickly navigate to other functions like the manager, customer or control screen.

  • Uncomplicated because of use graphic elements and colours
  • Easy navigating multiple zones
  • Table grouping adjustable in the POS
  • Additional information, like name, time for next course, waiter etcetera, displayable on table