View your turnover, extensive reports or make alterations via a secure internet connection to your server? The “Webmanagement”module makes this possible. It’s a separate module you can integrate with every unTill® POS.

This module is particularly convenient for larger companies, with multiple branches. But can also be used by a business wit only one POS. The data from all locations are collected in a central database. This happens real-time, so your information is always up-to-date.

This way you can easily compare data from several locations and/or periods. You can not only view your turnover, but also information about:

  • Time registration
  • Stock supply
  • Occupancy rate
  • Corrections
  • Discounts
  • Historic data

With “Webmanagement” you also have the option of article control, ideal for when you have multiple locations. Prices are adjusted simultaneously at all locations. Or you can plan such an alteration for a different time. Also convenient to add the Christmas menu on Christmas day on all locations! And you can change departments, groups, VAT percentages, colours and fonts for example.

To quickly have insight in your turnover data,  from the various locations connected to “Webmanagement”, you can also use the  web management app.

  • Web application on own server or “in the cloud”
  • All POS systems controllable from multiple locations
  • Extensive reporting
  • Compare data to other locations and/or periods
  • Article management from multiple locations
  • Scheduled alterations

Want to export data? An unTill® POS provides this option. All data in the system can be directly printed or exported. You can choose different formats and even e-mail the information in a simple way.

  • Export as CSV, HTML of pdf-file
  • Import in Excel
  • Import in accounting software
  • Import in other software

All articles en products are transparently sub-divided in an unTill®  point of sale system. Because of this it’s easy and fast to find items in the POS and the back-office. In the back-office you filter by:

  • article
  • department
  • group
  • category

This way reports of the sold or ordered articles are very clear.

Every article is assigned to a department. With it you decide the arrangement and availability in the Point Of Sale. Each department belongs to a (turnover) group, with which you set the VAT. You can also report to your ledger account. Each group subsequently belongs to a category. This is the highest level of reporting, with it you can for example distinguish beverages, kitchen and miscellaneous.

  • Articles are easy to locate
  • Effortless reporting

“Service charges have to be added separately to the bill because of local laws.”

Adding serving charges separately or include them automatically as a percentage of the total bill? unTill® POS systems provide this option.

You can set different percentages per sales area. For instance on the terrace other rates are used than in the restaurant. You can also specify a percentage per article or a group of articles.

  • Automatically calculates service charge
  • Set per sales area
  • Service charge plan: only apply service charge to certain articles or groups

“Round up the amount, please!”

It’s always nice to get an extra reward by means of tipping. These earnings can also be tracked in our Point Of Sale. You can easily add an amount as tip to each payment separately. Whether the payment is in cash or by card.

The reports show you who received which tips and when they got them.

  • Register tips in POS
  • Receive reports of tips

You, as a manager or owner, want to make alterations in the POS? Or do you want to see reports without physically being present at the Point Of Sale? This is simply accomplished by installing “unTill® Backoffice” on an office computer.

With it you can do the same as with a local back-office. This computer doesn’t have to be in the local network, you can make a secure connection to the POS via the internet. The big advantage to this is that co-workers can keep on using the POS without interference.

  • Back-office accessible through the internet
  • Installed on an office computer
  • No interference on the POS

Add an article, or other adjustments, to the POS from your office space? The built-in back-office provides you with that ability and all other settings on your Point Of Sale. You quickly switch from the POS to the back-office. The latter you shield with a password, so only authorised staff can perform these tasks.

Altering an article or department is easy and fast. All changes are immediately applied to all POS systems in the network. Want to adjust screens or floor plans? Alter the lay-out for reports or other receipts? You can also do this simply from the back-office.

Read here which report options you have from the POS and the back-office.

  • Built-in back-office
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Quickly change articles
  • Editor for floor plans, screens and reports
  • Back-office reporting

Wherever you are, always a clear view on your current turnover numbers and the most important KPIs? The mobile unTill® Eye app makes this possible. For business owners and managers who use an unTill® POS system, this app is an ideal supplement.

The unTill® Eye app is available in your App Store for only  $3,99.


  • Mobile app for iOS or Android
  • View data from POS real-time
  • Wherever you are a quick insight in the numbers

Do you want to view an open account? Want to know what your guests ordered? When an account is open for a longer period, confusion may arise whether or not the recorded articles on the bill are correct. The feature ‘History account’ shows you exactly what articles were ordered for this table. You immediately see the date and time when they were ordered and which employee entered them in the POS. Naturally, this list can also be printed.

  • Full history of orders
  • see who entered what and when

“I want to pay immediately. “

Easily and quickly switching from sale to table to direct sale and vice versa? No problem for an unTill® Point Of Sale system. It goes without saying that your POS doesn’t automatically enter a sale to table, when you primarily use direct sale in your business. You, conveniently, only want to register the order in the POS, and have your guest pay for it on the spot. But you can also use both ways simultaneously.

Setting a direct sales number per waiter is also an option. This way the POS can be used by waiter 1, while waiter 2 was already using this terminal. When waiter 1 is finished, waiter 2 can pick up where they left off. Waiter 2 can also continue working the order on a different terminal in the network. This saves time because servers don’t have to wait for each other.

  • Direct sale
  • easy switching to direct sale from sale to table
  • Ideal for a pub, club or parties