“Would you like a large, medium, or small cola?”

Creating different sizes for an article is child’s play thanks to the unTill® Size Modifiers. Wherever the product is used, the size has to be chosen.

For articles you want to set different sizes e.g. large, medium, small. You don’t have to create the same item, with a different size name and price, three times, but you simply add a size modifier. Per size name you can set a separate price, all in the same overview.

Now when you order the article, the size choice automatically pops up. You select the correct one and the size plus article name and corresponding price show in the order overview. Large cola €3,25 for example. All other places where the product is displayed such as: order ticket, kitchen screen, reports, etc. it is shown with the size modifier name.

Anywhere you can choose the item, you have to select the size. And for each situation you can set a different price. This way you can add a small cola in a menu for free, whereas the large cola in the same menu costs €2,00. unTill® automatically keeps track and uses the correct prices for the corresponding situation.

  • Size modifiers for an article
  • Not for every size a new article
  • Size modifiers can be created in Back Office
  • Price set per size
  • Size Modifiers applied everywhere the article can be chosen: option, bonus group, etc.
  • Modifiers also in reports, kitchen screen, order ticket, etc.

“Does anyone have any allergies?”

In unTill® you can work with allergens in several ways. This way you’re in control. Fourteen major allergens, with corresponding icons, are pre-installed.

You can link allergens to an article in the Back Office. This way it’s easy to tell which allergens are present for the article, while the order is taken. You can select these when they apply for the guest. However, articles that aren’t linked can still be selected and added, if you want.

It’s not required to add allergens to an article beforehand. The waiter can simply open the allergen layer and add one or more to an article. What’s even better, allergens can also be linked to a specific chair. Now all articles ordered for that chair have the allergen label. Making sure that fewer mistakes are made

When you want to add an allergen that’s not yet in the system, you can do so while ordering. unTill® automatically saves them and adds them to the list, so you don’t have to add the same allergen multiple times.

The allergens can be shown on the order ticket, kitchen screen, etc. Whether you want pictures, or the item in a different colour; the way allergens are displayed, is adjustable to meet your preferences.

  • Fourteen major allergens pre-installed
  • Clear which allergens an article contains
  • Allergens are easily linked to an article
  • Set allergens per chair
  • Easy to add new allergens

“Round up the amount, please!”

It’s always nice to get an extra reward by means of tipping. These earnings can also be tracked in our Point Of Sale. You can easily add an amount as tip to each payment separately. Whether the payment is in cash or by card.

The reports show you who received which tips and when they got them.

  • Register tips in POS
  • Receive reports of tips

Do you want to view an open account? Want to know what your guests ordered? When an account is open for a longer period, confusion may arise whether or not the recorded articles on the bill are correct. The feature ‘History account’ shows you exactly what articles were ordered for this table. You immediately see the date and time when they were ordered and which employee entered them in the POS. Naturally, this list can also be printed.

  • Full history of orders
  • See who entered what and when

“How much does the guest spend on average?”

You want to know how much one guest spends on average? To answer this question you’ll have to know how many guests per table you have. An unTill® POS has a built-in system which keeps up with the number of place settings. Per each sales area you can enter the number of covers. For the restaurant this might be useful information, on your terrace probably not.

Every time you open a new table you can have the POS ask for the number of place settings. You enter the number of persons seated and if later on extra guests join the table you can adjust this number. As long as there’s an open account for the table it will not ask this question again. Next you can see a report on the number of covers. For example:

  • Average spending per table or per cover
  • Average number of covers per table
  • Average number of covers per sales area
  • Number of covers when opening table
  • Number adjustable when in use
  • Reporting for number of covers
  • Average spending per cover
  • Set up per sales area

“Order a bottle of liquor and get the first five glasses of fizzy drink free “

When you offer package deals it is very convenient that the Point Of Sale handles this automatically. With unTill® you can easily program this by using so-called ‘bonus articles.’ This comes in handy when you sell a package with a number of free items or that have a different price.

You add the articles to a bonus group and give them their divergent prices or no price at all. Next you link this group to the package-article. When a package deal is selected on the POS all underlying bonus articles get the different prices. This can also be just the first few items in the group.


  • Sale of a bottle of liquor: first 5 fizzy drinks for free
  • Party package deal in the reception room: all beer, wine and soft drinks free/included
  • Special pizza: all toppings half price
  • Group of articles at divergent prices or free of charge
  • Dependant on the chosen package
  • Every article in the group or a maximum number of these

“This coffee is on the house!”

Discount, maybe you’d rather not give it. But when you do, in what way? With an unTill® POS many ways of discount are possible. Furthermore, this feature can be limited by user rights.

  • Discount on one article
  • Discount on a selection of articles
  • Discount on a pre-set group of articles
  • Discount on the total bill

For each discount the user has to give a reason. You can select a reason from a pre-defined list or enter one manually. Much used discounts you can program as a button. So you don’t have to push all sorts of buttons before you can give someone a coffee on the house for example.

  • Fixed amount or percentage
  • Per article or entire bill
  • Discount for article group
  • Unlimited number of reasons for discount to be given
  • Broken, too cold, etc.

“I didn’t order this coffee…”

One article too many or incorrectly put in POS, a guest who wants to change his order, mistakes always occur. But as entrepreneur you don’t want to give your staff full freedom to refund items.

An unTill® Point Of Sale system has the tools to limit and monitor this. Per server you can set whether he/she has the right to correct articles. If a waiter has these rights you can even set the number of times he/she can do this each day. For every cancellation a reason has to be given: from a pre-set list or entered manually.

When a co-worker doesn’t have these rights you can program the system that only a manager can authorise this action. The actions are reported to the name of the co-worker. The user selects the article in “the ordered articles” list, presses the bin symbol and selects a reason. At the end of a day you have a precise overview who, when and why cancelled which articles.

  • Server can or can’t correct
  • Set a limit of corrections per day
  • Cancellation reason
  • Extensive report option

“Take advantage of our happy hour!”

Do you wish to use different prices for example: for a certain period, a sales area, or a guest? With the unTill® POS system you can set multiple prices for one article. With it you can have special actions such as “happy hour” start and end automatically, or you can use different prices for VIPS or regulars.

Different price outside on your terrace than in the pub? No problem, because the table the articles are added to sets the price of those items. These presets are easily done beforehand.

  • Unlimited number of price levels
  • Separate prices for VIPs or regulars
  • Each sales area (table series) has it’s own price level
  • Price level is active in a pre-set period

“Do you want me to create a menu of your entree, main course and dessert? “

With unTill® you can create so-called combo-articles. This gives you flexibility to handle menus, promotions and combined articles.

An additional advantage is that you can split the VAT of the underlying items. For example, you make a combination of cola and rum and call this “Baco”. The guest sees this on his bill, while in your accounting the rum and the cola are booked separately.

Automatic menu suggestions are given by the cash register. If a starter and main course have already been taken from the menu, the system asks if a menu should be made after the dessert has been ordered. The price of a combo article is calculated by the total of the underlying articles.

  • Combination of articles and/or option group(s)
  • Automatically calculates the price
  • VAT split between underlying articles
  • Combine suggestions after input in POS