Reseller partners

At unTill® we not only design software with our customers in mind. We are also highly aware of what is important to our reseller partners. Our reseller partners consistently tell us that their decision to work with unTill® was the best thing they ever did for their business.
“Yes, unTill® can do that!”untill_yeswecan
The last thing a potential customer wants to hear when exploring a new software system are the words, “no, sorry, it can’t do that.” We at unTill® don’t like to say “no” to our customers. Over the years we’ve taken the best customer requests and integrated them into unTill®, and we continue to do it today. New features are made available to our entire user base through software updates that are released multiple times every year. We’ve reached a point where we rarely have to say “no” to a customer. Our reseller partners find that partnering with unTill® helps them to get in front of more customers and close more sales simply because they can respond to tough customer requests with, “Yes, unTill® can do that!”
unTill® works for you
unTill® is designed to be highly intuitive and straightforward when it comes to installation, configuration, and support. It is also designed to be low-maintenance, allowing our reseller partners to focus on adding value rather than constantly resolving issues and putting out fires.
Global presence, local attention
Although unTill® has a global presence, our reseller partners are treated like family. We realize that our success depends on our reseller partners, and we are committed to providing the training and support they need to be successful. Our reseller partners are always welcome at our headquartersi n Belgium. Our team also regularly visits our reseller partners to share insights, provide training, and offer support. Our entire network benefits from our national and international marketing campaigns.

Becoming an unTill® reseller is a serious commitment. unTill® is committed to providing customers with world-class service and support, and we depend on our skilled and capable reseller network to help us fulfill on that promise. Give us a call if you’re interested in joining our team.