unTill – Orderman meeting Salzburg

8-9-10 September 2014.
Meeting with international unTill distributors and the Orderman team in Salzburg. An impression…

Paris – Dakar

Who has ever thought … unTill® takes part in a worldwide event?

We did …


Gecertificeerd FOD Belgium

Zoals verwacht werd ook het certificaat uitgereikt aan unTill® voor het gebruik van de befaamde “Black Box” en dit per 28/03/2014.


New Webmanagement

Go and have a look at our new “Webmanagement” and feel the new look: Section “Products” – “Head Quarters”.
Multiple new features have been added as well as a new Executive dashboard.

Horeca Expo

Last week the International trade show at Gent, closed his doors, we can call it … as usual … a big success.
To give you some impressions of the interest in unTill®, enclosed some pictures.

The preview from our new Web Management for Windows 8 was shown as well as the official release from unTill Light.
unTill Light, which is a smaller version of our prestigious software solution, is meant for the smaller businesses, where the full version was too powerful.